7 Ways to Maximize Your Wardrobe

It's been a while since I've shared a post about how to maximize your wardrobe, but low and behold here it is! Not only do I have seven ways to help you maximize your wardrobe, but these are also seven ways that you can save money this fall and winter seasons. 

If you are ready to learn how to work your current wardrobe without going broke, then I will see you on the next page! 

1. Shirt too Big? 

Learning how to roll with the punches is one thing I learned after six years of thrift shopping. This shirt is a gorgeous Old Navy chiffon blouse that is two sizes too big, but I just had to have it. Hello, a little animal print never hurt. But, when I find myself in this predicament, I like to hike up my sleeves and tie it in the front, especially if I am wearing an amazing pair of high waist jeans. 
Forever 21 Plus Size Jeans

2. Is Your Wardrobe Monochromatic?

Play around with different types of accessories (like gold jewelry) to create a polished look. If you love lipstick (like me), make your lips the center of attention with a bright, vibrant color.

Plus Size Thrift Tips

3. Need More Variety?

Add a hat! Hats give your outfit vibrant personality. 
Plus Size Fashion

4. Wear a Fun Print!

Many times we feel like our wardrobes lack the beauty we adore, because we tend to forget to add the things we truly love to help set us apart. After getting sucked in to different trends, what our favorite celebrities are wearing or even the cool pieces we find on sale, sometimes we forget the purpose of our creating our individual personal styles. But, with this tip I want you to try and add fun prints, textures or fabrics that give your look a pop of personality.

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5. Find Your Basics ... And Wear Them Often

My love for basic pieces run deep and I wear them any chance I get! During the fall and winter season, my go-to pieces consist of Forever 21 high waist black jeans and my old Wet Seal wide brim fedoras. When you find basic pieces you love, do not be ashamed to wear them over and over again. If you feel like an outfit repeater, it may be time to give your accessories some time to shine.

Forever 21 Plus Size

6. Find Your Go-To Shoe

I am a fan of black shoes, specifically black boots. I am not telling you to stick to one type of shoe, but it important that you show your shoes love. As long as you have a pair of sneakers, boots and flats, these are enough to create an array of gorgeous, functional outfits. Find your favorite shoe and slay honey!

Forever 21 Shoes

7. Find Your Uniform and Build on It

No matter if you enjoy wearing high waist jeans and vintage or flowly blouses or jean jackets and dresses, if this is your uniform, own it! Do not be afraid to mix and match pieces to show off your current moods or theme you want to convey each day. Be fearless and own your personal style.

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How will you be maximizing your wardrobe this season?