How to Refresh Your Wash & Go

We have all suffered from a gnarly case of bed head! Trust me, my curls are always mushed beyond recognition! Oh yeah, and after having my toddler plant his sticky hands on my curls, my curls are definitely in need of some refreshing. If you are wondering how I make this all happen, meet me on the next page!

Wash and gos use to be a hairstyle I was afraid to do (now bantu knot outs have taken center stage). Trying to figure out the correct amount of products, the perfect product formula that will not leave flakes and the length of time I can maintain this look ... were all things that scared me. But, after one magical day, I threw caution to the wind (you know you love a good cliché every now and then) and just threw two products on my head and my curls just POPPED!

You're looking at the screen and you're probably wanting more deats. Well my dear, check out my video below and find our how I made this magic happen!