A Guide on How to Stop Overshopping

Are you a professional overshopper? 

Then, this post is for you (and me) ...

While a budget naïve girl during my undergrad years, I had no idea how important it was to save (and invest) money. With “free” money coming in from from my work study and refund checks, I was less than worried about saving but way more concerned about the lavish McDonald meals and ugly boots that I could buy. Fast forward three years and as graduation approached and my pregnant belly grew, this was the reality check I needed. With $20 to my name and a child to feed, working two retail jobs balanced out to a (sad) full-time check, but it was hard learning how to SAVE and SPEND on the necessities for my little family. Two years later, I am not rolling in the dough, but I have learned a few tips along the way that may be useful to you. Let me throw up my yellow caution flags: I am NOT a financial/psychology expert; I am just speaking from experience to assist some of you in learning how to stop overshopping.

Evaluate your Favorite Times to Shop

 This post is all about keeping it real and sharing some of my vulnerabilities with you all! I would like to admit that I am totally guilty of using shopping as an emotional comforter when I am sad or angry. Now let me be clear, I love to shop no matter what, but I tend to overdo it when I’m emotionally out of whack. If you feel yourself having the urge to shop because you are bored (guilty), anxious (also, guilty) or upset, try to find an alternative to shopping. Instead of burning a hole in your debit card, try sorting through clothing you have not worn in a while. Through this sorting session, figure out which pieces you want to keep and which pieces you want to sell. Not only are you putting money back into your pocket, but you are learning a new way to sort through your emotions. If this is something that does not spark your interest, create a board on Pinterest full of your inspirations and things that make you feel happy ... and PIN away! If you are in need of some board inspiration, visit my Pinterest.

Stop Repeat Purchasing

Sorting through your wardrobe is extremely important so you know the pieces you have or the pieces that need to be replaced. Many of us believe that we “sort” through our wardrobes every day when we get dressed and leave the house, but that is not the correct thinking I want to promote here. Learning how to declutter and organize your closet is important to do at least every 3-6 months (or even more than that). I am far from a minimalist but I am very cognizant of what’s hanging in my closet and what’s folded in my drawers. Being in the know with your wardrobe will definitely prevent you from buying things you already have. Save those coins boo! Also, if you are interested in learning more about how to declutter your closet, click HERE to read up on how I do it.
 Shop Your Wardrobe First

 Are you rolling your eyes yet? It’s okay girl, but you are MISSING out if you don’t at least look for what your wardrobe has in store for you! I cannot tell you how many times I have missed out on creating an amazing outfit, because I decided to spend money on a new piece and not show my wardrobe some love. Creating an ideal wardrobe has a different meaning for us all, but for me there should always be an equal balance between essential basics and statement pieces. This balance gives my wardrobe the stylish jolts it needs! Don’t neglect your wardrobe and miss out on amazing outfits.

Use Cash Instead of Debit/Credit Cards

 Using cash is one of my favorite ways to keep track of how much money I am spending. No, it is not always convenient to get cash, but I love manually budgeting what I spend and how I spend it. When I’m swiping my card like a manic, I feel invincible and before I know it, your girl is broke. It is better to learn from your mistakes now and save a few bucks later.

  *Instead of Spending, Save

 How difficult is that? It can be a bit challenging, especially if you have shopping on the brain. Sometimes you just need a miniature accountant who saves small amounts of your cash without you knowing. Well, there is Digit which is a free option for you to begin saving small amount of cash all according to your spending habits. You are probably worried about over drafting your account, but Digit is super smart and will leave your cash alone if you are running low! Digit is only based on referrals sooo … you know I’m gonna hook you up! Click HERE to access my referral account so that you can sign-up for your free account! Also, invite your friends and get $5 added to your Digit savings account!

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