MailChimp Marketing Tips and Tricks

A blog or business without a clear marketing strategy, is definitely a no go! It's fabulous if you can create awesome visuals, content, products or services, but you must attract the RIGHT audience. Email marketing should be one of your go-to strategies when building a community of people who relate to your brand. At this point, if you are scratching your head and wondering what the heck I'm going on and on about,  meet me in my office (okay well, the next page). 

MailChimp Marketing Strategies

BEFORE I spill all of the goods, I want you to remember this golden rule about email marketing: 

Your email list is an exclusive portal for supplemental content, discounts and previews you do not offer exclusively on your blog. 

Get it? Your mailing list is where the magic happens. Now let me warn you, this post is quite lengthy. But no one ever said learning would be easy (or short), so please feel free to grab your favorite drink and snack and let's begin! 

For me, a pop up form is the first tier of my email marketing funnel. Pop-ups, or email opt-in windows that appear when you visit a website, are a great way to keep your readers engaged by introducing new posts, products or events related to your brand. When you think about pop ups, they should be attention grabbing opt-ins that persuade readers to join you emailing list. Now before we really jump in to this portion of the post, I want to share three reasons why pop ups are crucial for the success of your brand:

1. Keeping your audience engaged is essential to the success of your email list.
2. Building an email list will encourage repeat website visits or repeat purchases.
3. Creating content your audience enjoys will aid in boosting your leads and sales through your email list (in terms dollars & page views).

One thing I wish someone would have told me six years ago when I began blogging would have been, focus on building a community through an email list. Your email list is where you can remain in the minds of your readers and keep them in the know about new content and products you want to offer them. Not only is this a great way to keep your audiences engaged and informed, but you will learn what makes your audience TICK (or what they are passionate about) ... 

Just think about it, not only should you be an expert in your niche but you should also become an expert on who your audience is. I mean how else will you charm them? To help you get those creative thoughts going, think about these few basic questions about your audience:

Who is your ideal customer or reader?
What does she/he enjoy? 
What makes her/him feel successful?

Okay, don't go postal on me here ... it's TOTALLY ok if you do not know the answers to these questions, just yet. But, your email list is a great way to unveil these types of answers about your audience. And (drum rolll ...), one way to do that is by creating freebies and opt-in content that your readers will enjoy. 

One of the ways I decided to lure (okay that's creepy, how about encourage) folks to subscribe to my email list (via pop up forms), was creating a free five day email course. The BIG (and somewhat) easy idea was to increase my email list with quality followers who are interested in not only learning how to revamp their wardrobes, but also gain the attention of potential customers interested in purchasing products or services related to fashion and personal style. At this point, I hope you are not staring blankly at the screen. So let me bring this idea full circle.

Pop up forms are an awesome way to loop in potential readers/customers by offering insanely valuable (yet free) products or services.

Now honey, if you want them to keep coming back for more... that's how you do it. So that you can experience the type of freebies I create, check out my Build A Better Wardrobe Ecourse below!

Build a Better Wardrobe E-coursesaEa

Now that you have eager readers signing up for your freebies through your pop-ups, let's talk about how to automatically schedule those emails without you lifting a finger. 

Even though I am bias, MailChimp is a well-rounded tool that will help you beef up your email marketing strategy. In that case, automated emails (fancy stuff for ... pre-scheduled emails, triggered when people subscribe to your email list), are a great way to provide e-courses or series of on-boarding welcome emails that teaches readers all about your brand or the types of content you offer on your site. Okay, I think I teased you enough, let's get into a few reasons why automation is a great follow-up after pop ups.

Our blogs are marketing and engagement tools that help us spread our content and expertise with willing readers. Once your potential readers and customers commit to subscribing to your email list, now it's your turn to dazzle them with your automated content. 

OKAY, I told you that this would be a long one. Here is where you may want to take a bio break or grab another venti iced coffee. I will be here waiting to teach you some amazing tips.

If you are good to go, let's hop right on in. Below, I will break down the two (of many) services your website should serve to your audience:

Engagement Tool

Creating content is the main purpose of keeping your blog alive and relevant. Content creation should be one of your main focuses, this is what helps introduce your vision and your purpose to new readers. Creating content takes patience and strategy, which can take up between 25-50% of your time. With that in mind, integrating automated emails will loop in readers to new ideas and products you are planning to sell or offer your audiences. Automated emails are pre-made newsletters you create in your tone and voice. Here is where readers will begin to get to know who you are … and what makes YOU tick.  See, there is always a connection between you and your reader.

Marketing Tool

Aside from your content, your blog should also have a marketing function as well. How and where do you share you content? Cue in your pop ups and automated emails. Automation is the way to follow through with the freebie content. For instance, I created my Build A Better Wardrobe e-course to keep my readers busy while I created long-form , evergreen content that took me some time to create (case-and-point ... this post). Not only am I sharing insanely valuable content, but my readers are getting free automated emails from me in their inbox. 

Well, well look at you! You are hanging in there with me getting so smart and savvy about email marketing. If you are ready, let's get into newsletters!

Here is the last tier of my email marketing process ... and the MOST essential! Now we can talk about how to build cool newsletters, or we can talk about how to create click-worthy newsletter content! That's definitely more fun than boring you to sleep!

At this point, I have given you all of my coveted secrets about email marketing, now it's time to get real! Let's have an honest one on one here, your readers DO NOT (and I repeat) DO NOT want you to regurgitate the blog post you create the night before and share it in their inbox. We are in the day and age where people hate to read, so when they give you permission to enter their inbox ... they do not want spammy content that does not have any value to them. So, instead of reaching them directly, your newsletter will be secured right into their spam folder. 

Creating click-worthy content means sharing and creating valuable content that is related to your brand and useful for the person receiving it. The type of content or freebies that can grab the attention of your readers can be:

1. Video/audio content sharing something exciting 
2. Fun .GIFs that help break up lengthy newsletter content 
3. Easily accessible worksheets and freebies (via Google Docs)
4. Supplemental blog posts
5. Exclusive content
6. Discounts to digital products and services 

Your newsletter should not also inform, entertain or engage, but it should also create a genuine bond between you and your readers. In order to create IMPACTFUL,  insanely useful content you must do the following with your readers: 


Without thinking through HOW you will connect, engage and educate your readers, your newsletters will not have a clear focus, thus decreasing the chance your lovely readers will want to click on and read. But, to save you some time, I led an informative Google Hangout all about how to create amazing newsletter content and how to encourage your readers to actually open them up ... with glee! Oh yeah, I also have an awesome resource worksheet that goes along with this hangout, that I attached right ... HERE! So, if you are ready to continue your learning after you exit this post, check out my hangout below:

How will you use email marketing this year?