5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Fridays are usually dedicated to fashion, but we are less than one month away from 2016! So, if you're serious about making a huge impact with your online biz, then we have to get to work. Earlier this week I shared all of my favorite hashtags that every female entrepreneur should be using! Today, we will be talking about 5 ways to increase your Facebook engagement. If you are ready, let's get to it! 

Let's talk Facebook success! 

Before I dish all of my coveted tips on how to increase engagement and likes on your Facebook business page, let me show you how GOOD these strategies really are! 

Before implementing these strategies, I will be sharing below, performance on my page was WEAK. I mean, just look at the lack of activity and engagement. 

August-September 2015 

After implementing these strategies in October, my page has been banging ever since! I am happy to report that I have a lot more engagement on my page, thanks to these strategies. Now that you have these fun little metrics, let's talk more about how you can get IN on these Facebook goods! 

 October-November 2015 

Tip 1: Use Link Posts on Facebook

Have you ever pasted a URL in the "update status" box on Facebook? If so, did you see your post warp like a Transformer? When you place a URL (or link) on Facebook, it will automatically generate a LINK POST for you, or a post that includes a hyperlinked header image and text from the website you are linking to. Facebook loves link posts, so much so you will begin to notice an increase in how many of your readers were served that post (fancy, smancy talk that basically means your posts will get into the newsfeeds of your readers more often).

*This is an example of a link post. Once the header and title come up, you can delete the physical link.

Tip 2: Use Directive Language

When creating posts on your Facebook page, be sure to ALWAYS use directive language such as, "click here," "subscribe now," or "read below." It may sound a little bossy, but trust me your fans will understand exactly how you want them to engage with that particular post! 

Tip 3: Be Relevant & Timely

As the boss chick of your biz, you must constantly be in tune with the going ons of the interwebs! This is how you will capture your ideal target customer. One of the ways you can do this is by sharing relevant content that has gone viral on Facebook, with over 1.2 K likes & shares. Not only will this help you increase the amount of folks you reach, but it will help your lovely page increase visibility among new audiences.

Tip 4: Don't Be Thirsty for Likes

A little dramatic, right? But seriously, Facebook really dislikes when business page owners use language such as, "please like my page," "share/like/comment to get x" or "please comment." We do not want to be thirsty and fish for likes! When you create and share dynamic content on your page, the followers will come! 

Tip 5: Hashtags Work on Facebook, Too!

One of my blogger babes shared this tip with me last month and man ... I was missing out! I had no idea how Facebook utilized hashtags; but it is very similar to Instagram. Before you go adding 1,000 hashtags, search on Facebook to see the trending hashtags for the day. I also recommend using 3-5 hashtags in your post, less is more on Facebook. 

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