How to Increase Your Twitter Following

With the holidays making an entrance in less than two weeks, my gift to you is the power of being a dynamic content creator. Um hello, Miss Online GirlBoss, social media is one of the most important tools to use to grow and build a strong community. I mean this gift is not tangible, like in your hands unwrapping the gift of social media greatness ... but trust me, these tips will help you prime your business for success in 2016. I mean, what can be better than that? Ok, maybe a gift card to J. Crew or Forever 21 would be pretty cool too, but we are talking biz ... so let's get to it! 

Oh yeah, B-T-DUB, you may want to read the post first before you grab the goods below. I mean I'm not tempting you or anything! :)

Yes, this is an age old tip that is still relevant. Don't believe me, just check out the 83 female entrepreneur related hashtags, that are booming with amazing bloggers and entrepreneurs slaying the social media game. Listen up, hashtags are free resources to network, connect and interact with people who want to learn more about you, and vice versa. Just so you know it's really real, take a look at my impression rate over the last 24 hours, as of 11:04 pm CST on December, 14, 2015:

See, when you put in work the numbers will show and tell.

Um, hello your love for Empire is totally worth it when growing your Twitter channel! Live tweeting is a beneficial, and fun, way to grow you audience. Yes, a hashtag is needed but you can also use popular show terms (such as character names and show titles) that will also be trending during the latest episodes of How to Get Away With Murder or the American Music Awards. So, my friend, get to LIVE tweeting and don't miss out on the fun and followers you will gain.

Gone are the days of mindless tweets making you relevant in your industry. I guess this is the case for Twitter comedians but, this is not my industry of choice ... female entrepreneurs is the name of my game! It is my job to help YOU kick butt when you tell me you are ready to create a successful brand with a loyal social media community supporting you. Some great examples of content you can be sharing on your timeline can be:

  • Relevant articles
  • Trending content related to your niche
  • Inspiration/aspirational/education/witty video content
  • Free checklists
  • Blog posts

Ma'am, if you are tweeting once a day ... or simply automating your content and not following up with additional content throughout the day or the week ... this is NOT being consistent. No one can tell you the perfect number of tweets you should be sharing on a daily or weekly basis, but you gotta show up and show out. How else do you expect to grow an online community that frequents your site, even when you don't ask them to. At the very (and I mean, very) minimum amount of tweets you should be sharing is 4 tweets a day ... and at least two of these tweets should come directly from you and not your automated content scheduler.

Come on man, respond to those mentions you've been ignoring all day. You didn't think I was gonna call you out, but I totally did! One of the most important activities you should be doing on Twitter (frankly, on ALL of your social media properties) is engaging with your audience. Interact with your followers, after all they deserve it! Not only is it important to START a conversation, but you should also be taking part of trending conversations. Bloggers and brands alike have been using Twitter chats (infamously known as Twitter Parties) and spur of the moment conversations to drive engagement and to increase their following. And you my friend, should be following suit.

Like I shared in tip 3, you must be creating insanely valuable content! So why not create a Twitter series to help you connect better with your audience or attract new members to join your thriving community. During the month of December, I have been sharing FREE and extremely useful content all about how to build a successful brand. If you could imagine (just from the type of content I share on the blog), this content has been social media branding related. Along with creating content that reflects my brand, I even created a unique hashtag called #branditdope. When you are in the middle of cultivating a community, you will attract the right audiences with the valuable, on-brand content you may share in your series. Now, go out there and make some noise worth listening to!


If you are loving what you're reading, go ahead and grab that free checklist :)

Pinned tweets are a little secret of mine! Any time you want exposure for an event, blog post, giveaway or even a welcome message to new followers ... this is a great way to do so. And girlfriend, when you create a pinned tweet you must be using that free checklist that I've tagged on to this post. If you want more engagement, more impressions (or eyeballs) on your page ... pin those important, engaging tweets.

Nothing new here, but I bet you are not doing this consistently. Don't worry, I have to kick myself after every tweet that does not include a relevant tag or mention. If you want more exposure and attention (um, positive and valuable attention), begin using this tip IMMEDIATELY
. Warning: When tagging or mentioning other social handles, please make sure you are politically correct, include correct punctuation, forget silly typos and provide correct product info.  Basically .. Google Search, Edit, Double Check ... then tweet.

Track, track, track and track some more! This is my social media marketer coming out! But, seriously, if you are not using Twitter Analytics or other comparable social media listening tools, you're missing out on the bread & butter you could be earning your online brand. For instance, before quitting my full time ad job, I was not giving my social media channels the love and attention they needed, especially Twitter. So, when I quit in October of 2015, I made it my goal to rebuild and refocus my social media properties ... so Twitter Analytics became my bestie. Just so you can see the leaps and bounds I've made since September (before quitting my job) to last month, it's a dramatic transformation.

There is a lot of power in a retweet! Something you should start doing (along with the other 10 tips in this post), would be to start consistently sharing valuable content from fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs that have amazing content. For instance, my girl Shelby of Bronze Bombshell is a career expert helping Millennials achieve greatness in the workplace and their personal lives. With that being said, the knowledge she drops throughout the day just gets me charged to start and end the day like a champ. So, whenever I see her drop bombs I always retweet her content. Now, with that being said, she does the same with my content (see, it's all about equal exchange). So you could only imagine how psyched I was when she retweeted the hashtag post ... catch the wave guys!

At the end of the day, we will not have the same target audiences (which is totally ok). With that being said, it is so important to survey who is visiting your account. Not only will this help you figure out who you are talking to, but it will help inform the types of on-brand content you create. Trust me, this is totally a no brainer :) Whenever you see new followers on your account, happily click on their account and read their bios and a handful of their tweets ... THERE, DONE! See, I told you it would be easy. In order to build a dope online community, you must be diligent and willing to work for the success.

So, not only have I dished out FREE tips on how you can maximize and grow your Twitter community; but I've also included a free checklist that shows you the anatomy of an engaging tweet! If you are ready to start creating BOMB tweets, grab your FREE checklist below!

I can't wait to hear all about your tremendous growth!