Must Use Hashtags for Female Entrepreneurs + FREE Download

Hashtags for Female Entrepreneurs

Hey There, #GIRLBOSS! 

Are you ready for another social media lesson with me? I hope that was a RESOUNDING, YAS (or YES)! Since we are less than 30 days from 2016, I am on a fearless mission to help female entrepreneurs grow amazing, beautiful brands! But, before I give you the goods, let's talk a little business. 

In order to build a beautiful brand that is fully engaged, thriving and full of members who want to grow and learn with you, there are a few things you must commit your time and patience to.

One of the missteps we take as online biz owners is NOT properly growing our online communities.
It's great if we have the numbers, but engagement is the key to success. If you fell off the side of the Earth, okay that's intense ... if you were super busy creating a new course or service, would your followers even notice your lack of posts?

Boom, there, I said it! 

Before you build a brand you love, you must put in work. And one of the many, time consuming and lovely, things I do to build my social media presence is by using hashtags to network and connect with fellow biz owners in my niche. Guys, there is so much power in a small (or sometimes LONG) hashtag! Not only can you connect with potential customers, but you can build a network of hardworking entrepreneurs who are building their communities as well. But, not only does it take time to visit those hashtags where your fabulous counterparts roam, it takes time to FIND those appropriate hashtags.

But, since the holidays are among us, I am feeling generous! So, after a two day Instagram binge I found 83 hashtags that you can use today to build your online community. Thank me by downloading your free hashtag list below. I cannot wait to hear all about how your brand begins to blossom.